Septic Tank Servicing and Maintenance Eastern Bay of Plenty

We provide effective suction cleaning services in Whatakane, Bay of Plenty

Brownfreight Septic Tank Services provide liquid waste suction cleaning services in Whakatane or the Eastern Bay. We provide vacuum work for residential, industrial and commercial operation properties. There is no vacuum or suction job that is too big. For all your liquid waste disposal needs give us a call.


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Prompt Friendly & Dependable Septic Tank Service

Periodic Tank Servicing

The main way to avoid Septic System failure is periodic tank servicing. As time progresses, retention times within the tank are reduced substantially; sludge layers at the bottom of the tank built up over this period are within reach of the tank outlet.

Although, your septic system may appear to be working for a long time without maintenance, it will eventually "crash" leaving the Soak Line/Hole full with sludge.

Replacing your soak line/hole is more expensive and intrusive than servicing your tank regularly.

As a rule of thumb, every two to three years your tank needs to be serviced.


Our Services

Comprehensive checking to your septic tank

Cleaning, emptying, vacuuming, disposal, removal, draining

Repairs on your septic tank damaged parts

Enabling access from ground level and providing the necessary protection from Work-Site accidents

The Septic Tank Mushrooms

The mushroom vents the drain from the home to the tank only. It is NOT for cleaning the tank.

Never have your tank cleaned through the mushroom. This removes only water leaving solids/sludge in the tank.

If your tank has been "cleaned" by going through the mushroom, you need to have it cleaned properly through the lid to avoid damage to your soakage.

8 Reasons to Clean The Septic Tank

  • You smell sewage
  • You see sewage
  • The tank or gully trap is over flowing
  • The home has been empty for over three months
  • You've just bought and don't know when it was cleaned
  • You are about to move out
  • You anticipate exceptionally heavy usage
  • It hasn't been cleaned within three years

Do's & Dont's of Your Septic System

  • Conserve water
  • Drain the bath-water slowly by titling the plug
  • Never pour oils, fats, or grease down the sink
  • Don't flush non-biodegradables, i.e. wet-wipes and pad
  • Avoid waste disposals
  • Never put paints, solvents, or pesticides in the tank
  • Plant trees and shrubs away from the tank and soak field
  • Divert storm-water runoff away from the soak field
  • Install a Riser & Lid for ease of access to the tank
  • Don't ever put sticks down the mushroom vent
  • Call a serviceman if there is a blockage
  • Service the tank every two to three years

Have Your Tank Serviced Properly


I have, for many years, used BrownFreight for maintaining our septic systems on our properties, from personal homes to orchard facilities/dairy farm homes.

The service provided from BrownFreight has been very professional and extremely helpful to us ensuring all the septic facilities are up to all the standards required now days.

They have provided good advice to ensure all the systems are working correctly, and or, need any improvements/ updates.

Always on time with bookings, and certainly leave the properties tidy and clean. They go above and beyond with their service.

I’m sure in the case of any emergency with our systems, they would be available to assist when, if required, for us anytime. Thank you for your great service.

John Cameron